The Sheldrake Yacht Club is a great club to meet sailors and boaters.  Below is a list of the members who hold leadership roles within the organization.

2018 Flag Officers

Commodore: J. Malte Stoeckhert

Vice Commodore: Charles Altman

Rear Commodore: Rob Raynor

Secretary: Mitchell Stern

Treasurer: Alida Moncrief


Board of Directors

Len Lipton, Chairman

Robert Schupak

James Mittenthal

Norm Kaufman

Andrea Mahee

Bruce Kalisch

Committee Chairpeople

Newsletter: Bruce Kalisch

Regatta: Len Lipton

Mooring: Mitchell Goldberg

Membership: Len Lipton/Bruce Kalisch

Picnic: Franklin Kasmin

Fleet Captain: Mitchell Stern

Webmaster: Michael Krebs/J. Malte Stoeckhert