The Sheldrake Yacht Club meets on a monthly basis at the Pavilion on Harbor Island in Mamaroneck, NY at 8pm. 

Our March 10, 2017 meeting will feature a discussion about preparing yourself, your crew, and your boat for summer cruising

April 14, 2017 meeting- Bruce Kalisch will review procedures for commissioning our outboards and inboard diesel engines. Also, we will be discussing the possible private purchase of a boat by members of the club.

May 12, 2017 meeting-Captain Sal Gugliara, the New Rochelle harbormaster will brief us on safe boating in the harbors. Refreshments will follow.

January 12, 2017- Having trouble getting takeout delivery when you are at anchor? Come to the meeting prepared to learn how to make your meals on board. Several of our members will demonstrate how they make simple dishes on their boats while at anchor.  Don't be intimidated because its as easy as cooking at home.  Samples will be available so don't eat a big dinner before the meeting.  Refreshments will be available afterwards. See you there.